This is our sixth INTERVIEW. Today we ask about the product-making orientation of Sanryo Tohoku.


Is it the first national or international company to achieve a tas
te revolution with the process of preparing and ageing hormones with L-arginine?


What is your commitment to L-arginine?


The quality of L-arginine’s efficacy is that its purity, extracted from natural ingredients, guarantees the safety and security that is at the root of food.


What is the maximum benefit for the intended use?


Sodium nitrite and polymerised phosphate have enabled the mass production of better quality, tastier ham and sausages.

食肉加工品は、お弁当やコンビニエンス商品として安定した需要があり、 日本ハム・ソーセージ工業協同組合によると、2021年の食肉加工品の国内生産量は54万3950トン。 内訳はソーセージ31万7164トン。 ハム(プレスハムを除く)は109,680トンでした。 ベーコンは97,333トン。 プレスハムは0.8%減の19,772トン。 働く女性の増加に伴う手軽な食材としての需要と、個食の普及による「家飲み」のおやつ需要に支えられていると言われています。

Demand for processed meat products is stable as boxed lunches and convenient products. According to the Nippon Ham and Sausage Industry Cooperative, domestic production of processed meat products in 2021 will be 543,950 tons. The breakdown is 317,164 tons of sausages. Hams (excluding pressed hams) were 109,680 tons. Bacon was 97,333 tons. Pressed hams decreased by 0.8% to 19,772 tons. It is underpinned by demand as an easy-to-use ingredient due to an increase in the number of working women, and demand for snacks for “home drinking” due to the spread of individual meals.
(According to 2023/01/06 survey materials)


Does that have anything to do with why Sanryo Tohoku sticks to L-Arginine?


Next time, we will interview mainly around that area.